About Us

Headquartered in Pune, India, Vagmine Healthcare Private Limited today is an innovation led company producing a wide range of quality, affordable products to healthcare sector all over maharashtra.

Embedded in Vagmine was a formula for growth. Seven years on, what has stayed with us is that same entrepreneurial spirit, culture of creativity and innovation and pride in belonging to an industry that makes a difference in the lives of people. We are today a fully integrated company with an unrivaled position in the segment of products for treatment of kidney stone, PCOD, Piles, Heart Blockages, antianxiety and Jaundice etc. This position is built on a backbone of cutting-edge research, world-class raw materials and a truly national supply chain. With the building blocks in place, the future looks brighter than it’s ever been. We are built to grow.

The organization was started in March 2013. The initial years were involved in the research activities and the same started delivering outputs when we started the marketing of our products in Oct 2016.

Mr. Amarjit Dhalpe’s vision and dream to provide unique yet effective products for the benefit of the society led to conception of Vagminein the year 2013. His Vision, his inimitable commitment and verve have steered Vagmine to achieving the distinction of becoming the fastest growing companies today.

We intend to grow further with the support of our research, marketing and finance team. We have spread our team all over Maharashtra and Chattisgarh. In addition to this we intend to expand and targeting the nationwide distribution.

We have started our new (ZINDA) gynaecology division in March 2020 

Also we have started our new (Bang Bang Consumables) food division in June 2020.

We are planning to bring our next pipeline of generic formulation, API (Bulk Drugs), veterinary division to the market. 
Keeping our mission of “Making specialty medicines accessible to all”. We will keep on growing continuously and serve to the society.  Our specialty products we can be made accessible to all.